RMSF 2024

Dear fellow Subaru enthusiasts,

If you've been to any of the last four Rocky Mountain Subaru Festivals, you know that our mission is to grow the Subaru enthusiast community while providing an annual day of celebration. With the help of companies from in and outside of Colorado, we also provide the opportunity for enthusiasts to meet with popular names in Subaru performance, with many more out of state brands expressing interest in the 2019 event. Despite terrible luck with the weather, literally four years in a row in the mid-90s, the event has still flourished. To address it in year five, we hoped to relocate the event and shift to evening hours.

RMSF has always been a collaboration between a group of Subaru enthusiasts (SubieEvents, LLC) and the folks at the local Subaru of America office. Unfortunately in 2019, SOA needs to dedicate its resources to other initiatives, and we can't provide the same level of exciting experience without their support. On behalf of the RMSF team and the folks within SOA who care deeply about the community, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who showed up for Colorado's largest gatherings of Subaru enthusiasts.

Robert Champion
Event Director